Friday, September 14, 2012

The Shirt

I made this shirt thinking to jump on the bandwagon of the sheer trend. Kind of. Really, I've just been trying to go through a lot of my fabric stash and actually use some of it.

While I can make my own patterns it doesn't make much sense for me to do so when I can get a pattern that has basically what I want and only costs $1. A dollar is definitely a good trade for the amount of hours it saves me. I don't really even have to wait for sales as I tend to just wander in and if they're having sales on their patterns I buy some. I go for things that match the kinds of clothes or fabrics I've been meaning to make or use. I have a box full of patterns to choose from already so I keep that in mind. Some can even be pieced together Frankenstein's monster style if I feel that I must avoid patterning altogether. Usually I like to pattern but for time reasons altering something that is already pretty close to what I want is the smarter choice.

So! Here're some pictures of the shirt. I generally go for more structured/tailored shirts because my pear shape turns into a column otherwise. There's also the worry with unstructured tops that I could be mistaken for pregnant and that'd be super awkward -I almost as a rule stay away from peasant tops for that very reason.

Front view...
Awkward back view. (Back views are always awkward).
View of the shirt untucked.
I was feeling awkward so I made even more awkward poses.
Close up of the back.
Now, originally the pattern called for an invisible side zipper but I didn't do it because the shirt is loose enough it didn't need one. There was also originally one of those neck loopy button things. I never learned what that was named, back neck placket closure? I ought to have kept that as it wouldn't have taken much longer and it would have made it more professionally finished. I didn't do it because it wasn't necessary. You may notice the bubbling down the back seam. I have a couple of theories as to why that happened but it definitely isn't from a lack of directionally stitching (I've got that ingrained in my brain). It might be from the fabric being off grain (I was fighting with that stuff for at least an hour and it kept bubbling along the selvages) or...ease somehow sneaking in? Sheer is a bit tricky and I haven't had much experience with it.
A design feature of this was a bias binding around the neck and sleeves. I almost wish I had done a contrasting color. I didn't bother as I was trying to stick with only using fabrics I already have.
I think this top would ultimately look better tucked into a high-waisted skirt and a thick belt. Maybe. I don't really like belts on me for some reason. I'm kinda meh about this shirt. It's view D of Simplicity pattern 1783 Clicky for a link to the pattern on Simplicity's website.


  1. I'm not a big fan of the loose shirt style either, but this is actually a pretty cute shirt. It would probably look good with a belt (another style I, too, have avoided, but it definitely works on some people). I like yours better than the one pictured on the pattern.

  2. Wow, sewing is such a science...I never even know what half the words you use mean. I never thought I was a fan of the loose shirt style,either, but I'm not even kidding, this shirt is making me one. You wear it really well.

    Hahaha awkward poses. That made me laugh out loud. :)