Sunday, September 9, 2012


Eh. Social Media. I have a definite love hate relationship with Facebook and Pinterest. I haven’t really gotten into Twitter as not very many of my friends are on there and a Facebook status update serves basically the same purpose. As I am socially lazy I really like how Facebook essentially keeps me updated on what my friends are doing without me actually having to talk to them. The internet is the perfect home for introverts like myself, really. The downside to Facebook is its time wasting aspects (apps especially) and the awkward comment etiquette.

I often worry that I’m that commenter who thinks they’re being clever and amusing when really they’re just being annoying. I’m not writing this looking for “oh, but I like your posts!” No, I am writing this because there are many times where I am tempted to comment but stop myself for one of these reasons:

1. Just commenting for commenting’s sake. AKA I’m bored and I’m looking for amusing banter. Rarely do I get it in these instances.

2. Solely commenting to be clever/snarky/funny. This is especially applicable on statuses of people I actually don’t know very well. You know, the people I’ve maybe said a word to in real life (and that’s the sole requirement of me accepting a friend request –one word. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any Facebook friends).

3. Commenting on a big issue in a way I know will start an internet debate. Those never end well. If they ever actually end.

4. Commenting out of annoyance. This happens in regards to Pity Me statuses, excessive postings of internet memes, and statuses whose grammar and spelling is so bad that I can’t understand what the heck they were writing about to begin with. I’ve found it also happens when someone posts an open ended question when you can tell by their previous words they already know the answer they want to hear (in which case I’m always tempted to give the opposite answer solely to metaphorically poke them in the brain).

5. If I've already commented on something else of the same person in that day and sometimes even in that week.

There are times when I just can't resist and comment anyway. I feel like I need to take a Facebook hiatus when that happens.
I always wonder if anything I ever wrote ended up on Failbook because that would be truly fantastic. Clicky for link to Failbook.

Pinterest is for pictures, inspiration, DIY projects, and unabashed geekery which basically means I waste hours on it. My Geek board has the most pins of any of them (even the cat one). Wasting mass amounts of life clicking on virtual images with absolutely no substance whatsoever, fun times. It could easily be used as a creative inspiration resource but instead it tends to be a time suck of epic proportions. I don’t really recommend it but... Here's my page anyway! Clicky for my Pinterest boards.
Here's a picture of my sister's kitten. Why? Because I can.


  1. KITTEN!!!!!!!!! I love his/her expression.

    You don't like commenting on something of the same person more than once in a day? I guess I can see that, but I usually figure if I want to comment I'll comment, regardless of how many times I've already done so.

    1. Pretty Precious Pickles does have some fantastic facial expressions. She looks like a lanky clown with a white ruff around her neck, you can't really see that in this particular picture though.

      It's mostly when I don't know the person well. I live in fear of someone thinking I am stalking them when really all that happened was I saw their post in my feed and something piqued my brain.