Saturday, September 15, 2012


Beer. Fried foods. Grease in the air. Polka music. Glockenspiel. Sausage. German kitsch as far as the eye can see. Cars and people EVERYWHERE.

Oh, Mount Angel, I think your population quadruples during this time of year. And that may be a conservative estimate.

Whenever I go to the post office or the library (pretty much the only places I go these days) I see maybe 10 people on the walk there. During Oktoberfest, if you spit you'll hit someone. You probably will hit several someones. A few of those someone's may just be too intoxicated to care that you just spit on them too. Or you might start a brawl. Either way, good times.

This is the third Oktoberfest where we've lived here. We were busy moving in the first time so I think we may have walked through and last year we looked around and got some food. This year, eh, I was going to walk down today and maybe spend an hour and take some pictures to compare Oktoberfest Mount Angel to regular Mount Angel but I didn't. I didn't feel like it.
I made this instead:
Banana Bread. The white stuff is remants of the floured pan thing.

And this:

Pot roast. Yum.

My dad and I went food shopping though and I took these pictures on the way out of town. They don't look very impressive because you can't see the rows of cars keep going and going or the rows of cars along all of the streets.

What I didn't get a picture of was of some of the apparel. Leiderhosen is to be expected as well as dirndles. Most people wear regular everyday clothes but you'll get a few people in full festive folkloric German gear. And then you get people like a couple of 20something girls I saw wearing plaid skirts, white button ups, and knee high white socks. I know this is a Catholic/German town but cliche sexy schoolgirl outfits.... this isn't a costume party. That does remind me of last year though, they were having a polka contest and one of the teenage contestants was rocking a dragon tail. So...maybe it is a costume party. If I'm still living here next year maybe I'll make a steampunk dirndle getup. Close enough.

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