Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maskery and Oktoberfest

Well, I was going to post about that shirt I made but seeing as I didn't get a picture taken of it while it was still light outside I'll wait until later. I also couldn't find my undershirt for it (seeing as it's a sheer the undershirt is very important to me). Don't know where that thing went because I for sure had it last night. Gnomes. I'll go with gnomes, gnomes moved it somewhere. Ah. Well.

My dad and sister are here now so I'm less inclined to spend time writing.

So... I will show you a picture of a mask I have in process. I won't show another until it's done and the person who I intend to send it to gets it. It's not the same something I had on my list to make for someone. That's a different thing. I'm excited about it because I plan on using techniques and materials I haven't used for masks before.

Masks always look kinda creepy at this stage but this one will likely continue looking creepy.
Despite a bunch of reminders around town I already forgot that it is now Oktoberfest here in Mount Angel. It's kind of a big deal. There are cars everywhere and a LOT of people. For a relatively small and quiet rural town it gets crazy here. It was extended this year to last Thursday through part of Sunday and I'm sure it will be crowded the entire time. Kitschy German touristy town, that's Mount Angel. If you like German beer and fried foods you'll love it. I may venture out at some point and take some pictures to share (and probably get at least one fried edible). I've never paid to go in to the stages and stuff to listen to the live music or watch the dancing so I can't really say anything about that. I considered making a dirndle just for the heck of it but seeing as I completely forgot that didn't happen. 
Clicky for link to Oktoberfest website.

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