Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sometimes I start talking and end up with nothing to say.

I've never been good about keeping up a blog, especially when I feel like I'm just talking to myself. I already spend a lot of time doing that for real. I was going to write about how I became "creative," the norm seems to be to say that "I've been creating since before I can remember." That's not really the case with me. So, I was going to write about that but it is very near 1am as I am writing this and I'm actually tired for a change (not that I'm usually a ball of energy, usually at night is when I feel like I'm awake). I just wanted to write something so I don't feel like I've completely stopped writing in here. Yeah...

Sometime I will start writing the genesis of my creativeness -just not tonight.

I've been working on double sided embroidered pendant necklaces for the last couple of days. The ones I've made so far have been using scrap embroidery thread leftover from the rings I've been making as well as some scrap muslin and linen from various sewing projects. They've turned out to be a nifty way to reduce the amount of things I actually throw away. I've been keeping the itty bitty bits of leftover threads to possibly adorn a mask. There's something I like about the tangled randomness of cotton threads. I love texture so it might be that they'll get mixed in with the papier mache pulp or glued on top and painted over or I might let them show in all their tangled and colorful glory.

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