Saturday, October 20, 2012

Organization is not my strong suit.

My desk's special.

It looks like this:

Stuff on and around my computer desk (not all inclusive):

4 different kinds of scissors
3 different kinds of pliers

mini embroidery hoop

small embroidery hoop
4 different kinds of glue

two thumb drives

Blizzard Authenticator
one external hard drive


mason jar full of paintbrushes
3 DVDs (The Avengers, No Country For Old Men, Crazy Stupid Love)

skeins of embroidery floss (approx. 3 usually there’s at least 10 but I cleaned my desk yesterday. Hah. Cleaned. Haha)
box of toothpicks (not for picking teeth)

mini working catapult pencil sharpener
Pine Cone lip balm

Box of 9mm rounds

handle to a razor (I don't even know why)
1 lipstick I never wear

Broken Hello Kitty rhinestone bracelet
1 package dental floss

A DIY’ed lightbox
2 Chain mail squares

2 different types of headphones
Small box of Swarovski rhinestones

Mini turtle eraser

Small plastic turtle
Gramophone shaped pencil sharpener

Partially completed fascinator
Sculpey clay

Lingerie strap doohickeys
1 pair dangly star earrings

1 lonesome rhinestone stud earring

1 hairpin

1 bobby pin
Black 3/8’’ elastic

1 broken and 1 working mechanical pencil
Baggie of thread for my Enola bracelet

1 half sheet of new bracelet color combos
2 pretty rocks

Voting ballot (just got it today)

1 empty bobbin
Assorted pins and needles stuck in my mousepad

Cat shaped mousepad
1 spool sage green thread

2 pieces of one broken ruler
½ inch wide Scotch tape

Ring mandrel

1 makeup brush

Tin of Prismacolor pencils
My glasses (I never wear them in the house)

Prescription sunglasses (I wear them at, not really)

Rebellious findings/notions that refuse to be contained.
1 bright red moleskin journal (the same one I took to London)

1 coin purse (That may or may not have tuppence. I think I took them out but I could be wrong.)


  1. I love how much you can tell about someone's personality just by looking at their desk.

    I TOTALLY wear my nonexistent sunglasses at night.

  2. I think my favorite is the 9 mm rounds.