Thursday, November 24, 2011

Of puppets and potty mouths....

This has been out for a while and I shared the link on Twitter but... here it is here too! I made that potty-mouthed puppet~ hahahaaa!

My father joked that it picked up some of its colorful language while I was making it. I assure you I did not swear during its creation - it was a lot of fun to make. However....I will admit that swearing is one of my favorite sins. I don't tend to do it around other people unless I know they partake in swearing as well. There is a reason why "I believe a well placed swear word is a thing of art. I also believe I probably shouldn't." is a line in my manifesto. Yeah... I once wrote a manifesto. It was technically a school assignment. I should revisit and revise some of it for more general life things (I included a few pop and LDS culture references in it since my audience at the time mostly consisted of BYU college kids).

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