Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another self indulgent things I love post.

The picture has nothing to do with this post. I just thought I should add something pretty.
The idea for this post was brought to you by this treasury I made.

You wouldn't think while looking at me how much I really like clothes. I'm typically a jeans and print screened t-shirt wearing forgot-to-brush-my-hair kind of girl. And glasses, I wear black rimmed glasses that I very much need in order to see decently. I've never had contacts. Occasionally I wear a hat. Hats are fantastic. I am not a hipster. I promise.

These are clothing items and characteristics that get me every time:

Plaid (in mid-tones especially)
Grey Tailored Wool Coats (If you've seen the new British Sherlock series, Sherlock has an amazing grey wool coat. I would marry that coat. It's also a really good show -the acting and writing is especially brilliant.)
Cowl/shawl necklines
Hooded anything
mandarin collars
unique pockets
Natural fibers, especially wool and silk
Texture (either visual or tactile)

Jewel tones mostly, I have issues with pastels and the color yellow.
Red (the deep purple undertone kind especially or candy apple red)
Grey (If you notice how I spell gray as grey and it bothers you, just pretend I'm British and move on.)

Motifs (mostly in regards to jewelry):
maple leaves (the standard kind not the kind that look like drugs if you know what I mean)
animals (I have a goofy pair of raccoon earrings I'm rather fond of)

I like them all. Gold, silver, brass, copper, pewter etc. I'm partial to brass and copper looks-wise. Separate is best, I think silver goes best with more things so it's a little more all purpose. Gold is classic. Yup.

-Other than being really sparkly and amazingly hard and durable I don't get the mass appeal of diamonds.
-I like the idea of rubies but I've never seen one in the wild so it's hard to say. I think it's because I like red so much. I used to like amethysts but my favorite color was purple at the time.
-I really like turquoise (it's also my birthstone along with blue topaz) but it doesn't look that great on me.
-In truth I like semi-precious stones that really look like polished rocks -turquoise, jade, jasper, and obsidian. I generally don't wear or own jewelry that has stones now that I think about it.

I like them all. I only wear the kind I think I look good in and that mostly depends on their size in regards to the rest of me and if they cover my ears. I've considered getting contacts solely because of my love of hats.

The most important thing is to make sure they fit properly.
-I have an undying love for a pair of Gore-tex black leather Danner work boots I wore until they fell apart. They weren't the prettiest shoes but they're still a fantastic pair of boots. I plan on getting another pair eventually. Super comfortable and they're great for rain and snow since they'll keep your feet warm and dry. I think they beat a pair of Uggs any day.
-I don't like peep toes. Not for me.
-I like color but mostly stick to brown and black since they're  the most useful. White makes me sad. I like quality instead of quantity. If they fit well, are classic, look good, and don't hurt my feet I know I'll happily wear them until they wear out so it makes paying more for quality completely worth it.
-I really like boots in general.

That turned out to be a longer tangent than I was planning. I think it's interesting to look at what comprises your tastes and what you actually wear, a bit of self reflection in regards to style -I recommend it.

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  1. What an interesting and thought provoking post! Now I think I may have to try that... self reflection of my style. :)