Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I might be ready to officially start the shop! First, though, I have to decide on if I am going to finish my rings with a non-toxic and waterproof silicone based sealant or not. I could offer it as a finish to increase the ring's durability for a little bit extra as far as cost goes or they will all come that way. The only problem is that it gives the ring a wet look making the colors darker and it's possible to scratch off the coating. It behaves like a wax in that respect. My dad described the ring as feeling oily but it doesn't leave any residue on your hands when you touch it. It will, however, build up under your fingernails if you essentially play with it and scratch the coating off. I like the feel of it though, it's like a silicone based makeup primer I bought once; it feels slick without being greasy.  It also leaves the rings very pliable. I like it but feel like they’ll at least need to come with a warning on how they behave, like they’re waxed cotton that doesn’t leave residue.

My prototype ended up being the black hearts and red ring from my previous picture and now it looks like this:

 I don't know if you can tell the difference, my camera has a hard time picking up the detail on the rings. Actually, my camera has a lot of issues but I've found Picasa to be really helpful in color-correcting and fixing the amount of light in a photo to get the image as close to true to life as I can really quickly.

In other news I got a ring sizer so I can accurately size these as well as some handy dandy little baggies to package and keep them in like so:

Those rings are themed, if you read popular fiction you should recognize what they are and if you don’t it’s because I’m worse than I thought I was at color matching. Hint: They will be tagged in “geekery” and be named House Rings.

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